Funny Story…

My car over heated. I decided it need some water in the…. I cant remember its name. That is exactly how much i know about cars.

I was directed to to add water down the middle pipe it really stands out. So what do i do. Oh yeah i start adding water and it never fully fillled. By the third thing of water I added my dad came out and says. Oh… no.. Jeannette that is where the oil goes. Shocked and horried i just stood there. Silly me. Hahahahahaha..

Dear, Therapist I’m A Tad Paranoid

Last week, I got this very uncomfortable sense that my parents were talking badly about me. I was a few rooms over. The walls are paper thin. I even thought I heard them. The next day I told my friend. She thought perhaps I was right. Maybe they were. Plus honestly it wouldn’t be shocking.
So then I had it happen at work. I think I’m being talked bad about but then in the end it always not being true. But it feels so real and not huge or unreal to grasp on to. Possible amounts of paranoia come along with it. I may be triggers when I’m  exhausted, or sleep deprived.